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Gluten Free - Sugar Free - Cold Distilled

PlayPen is a premium vodka distilled from corn with cold temperatures at just 50°F., which preserves its delicate flavors.

Utilizing innovative, cutting edge processing techniques, PlayPen is a neutral spirit with unmatched smoothness and purity.  PlayPen is not only vacuum distilled but is also carbon filtered six times, creating exceptional smoothness and taste.


Gluten -Free

PlayPen Vodka is always made in small batches with local Midwest corn, then its cold vacuum distilled at temperatures lower than 50 degrees, which not only preserves the flavor, but allows the flavor to be enjoyed an experienced like no other vodka. After being cold vacuum distilled PlayPen Vodka is 6 times carbon filtered, which brings out an unparalleled clean, crisp and smooth taste which separates our premium vodka from the rest. Enough with the process lets “Pour Then Play”.

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